About Me

Hey there! My name is Shelby Scholz, I am the owner of Wild Longhorn Boutique I wanted to share a little bit about who you're buying from. I started this boutique at the age of 21. I graduated High School, and decided to become a Licensed Esthetician and Boutique owner. I love everything western and that's why I started this boutique.  

I have been active in 4-H, showing cattle, pigs, cooking and modeling clothing. I live on the family farm with my Dad, Mom and Big Brother where we have a cow calf operation and row crop.  I also have a black lab named Remi JoAnn and white lab Ammo and Winnie. Fun fact about me i love everything cows, and westernfashion. My goal in life is to have a big shop and be able to have all different styles of clothing and to be able to go out in all the outfits I have collected!! I love spending time with my family because they are so supported of me, and always give me inspiration on new clothing items, and just being there for me.

My goal for this boutique is not only to grow but to inspire young women to show their personality through unique style!! I am always the one wanting to dress to impress and accessorize my outfits. I really love turquoise jewelry, Navajo pearls and pairing it with my outfits I wear. I really do appreciate all of you and hope everyone the best! Thank you for supporting my small business and making my dreams come true!

“Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them Darling!”